Due to the sale of DMTS Mobility to TBayTel, DMTS will be turning off their cellular sites in the region.

This will not affect cellular services on the KMobile network in the Northern First Nations!

The turning off of the DMTS cellular sites will begin December 15th and by December 28th no DMTS cellular sites should remain in service.

KMobile customers were able to use their cellular phones in the extended service area provided by DMTS. This includedareas such as Sioux Lookout, Dryden, Red Lake, and Balmertown. With the elimination of the DMTS cellular sites, existing KMobile customers will no longer have the same service in these areas once the DMTS cellular sites have been turned off. Instead KM phones will need to work on the TBayTel network.

K-Net staff has been working on establishing roaming arrangements with TBayTel. TBayTel is providing 3G HSPA service in the same areas that DMTS provided service. In order for a KMobile customer to obtain service in the TBayTel service area a 3G capable phone and a 3G SIM card are required.

We anticipate having 3G SIM cards available at the K-Net office by Dec 17, 2012. The upgrade to these new 3G SIM cards will support KM customers to be able to continue using their phones in these areas as well as anywhere there is the TBayTel and Rogers service. 


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