Report: Preparing for Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Government

The IBM Endowment for The Business of Government, presents the report by Ai-Mei Chang and P. K. Kannan called "Preparing for Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Government."

The report by Professors Chang and Kannan is based on the premise that we are about to enter the third generation of wireless and mobile technologies. Chang and Kannan write, "With the advent of third generation (3G) wireless networks and broadband in the near future, wireless devices can be content rich, enabling transmittal of content-rich graphics, video, and other information at speeds up to 2Mbps." Given these expanded capabilities, Chang and Kannan argue that government must now begin to explore ways in which it can utilize wireless and mobile technologies to enhance the delivery of e-government both to government's own employees and to citizens.

There are several key messages for government leaders in the Chang and Kannan report. First, government must now begin to measure the technology readiness of its employees and begin to educate and train them on the use of mobile technologies. From its own experience in introducing previous technologies, government has clearly learned the importance of preparing and training employees to use new technologies. Second, government must now begin to plan and identify ways in which it can begin to deploy mobile and wireless technologies. Such plans should include the development of pilot projects to demonstrate the potential usefulness of such technologies, especially in reaching citizens in geographically remote areas where citizen access is important.

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