Frequently Asked Questions

These systems rely on caller ID to identify the caller. If caller ID is disabled then the system needs to ask for the 11 digit number. Because of abuse issues, we can only allow customers with caller ID enabled to access the prepaid system with the default pin. So a customer with 0 balance (or negative balance) and default pin number and caller ID disabled will not be able to access the prepaid system by any means.
No contract, no credit check & no monthly bills Step 1 - Select your phone Step 2 - Use your phone using the Pay-As-You-Go service Step 3 - Manage your account by adding dollars for the service.
No, we don't charge you to connect or disconnect your cell phone service. You can come and go at any time for free.
No, we do not use long-term service contracts.
The KM prepaid mobile wireless service will work on the KM Community Network and in the TbayTel extended calling area. The airtime and LD per minute usage rates will be higher when a customer is on the TbayTel network. If you require service in other areas of Northern Ontario, Canada or North America you will have to purchase a service package from an existing GSM carrier. Rogers Wireless ( and TbayTel both offer GSM service in Canada and have roaming with other North American carriers.
You pay for the amount of time that your phone is in use. You can receive calls from long distance numbers without paying long distance.
Yes, the KM prepaid service allows you to make local and LD calls at the designated rates. You also have the option to use conventional LD calling cards to make a long distance calls. 
Unfortunately, you cannot keep your existing number. When you sign up, your community cellular network office will provide you with a phone list, and you may choose your new cell phone number from that list.
For KM customers calling other KM customers, Caller ID will display as normal. However, when a caller is using a community gateway number to make a land-line to mobile call, the gateway numbers will appear on Caller ID. If you call the community gateway number back, you will not reach the caller.
Phone cards and phones are available from your community KM office. You can top-up your account by purchasing minutes from your local KM office. Online purchases with a credit card is being added to the service.
Yes, SMS text messages will show the message sender in all cases, even if it is a message from another network.
Yes, SMS text messages will show the message sender in all cases, even if it is a message from another network.

There is a cellular technician in your community. We will will adding this information to this web site as it becomes available.

Your default password is the last 5 digits of your cell phone number.

You can enable or disable voice mail on your phone by contacting your local community partner.  In the near future you will be able to enable/disable voice mail when adding minutes to your account.

If you have signed a long-term service contract with another carrier, you may have to buy your way out of the contract. If you are currently with Telus or one of the Mobility companies your existing digital cell phone is CDMA rather than GSM and will not work on the KM network. You will need to buy a new cell phone.

The KM network will support roaming for customers of all of the Canadian and most US carriers that use the GSM standard.

Digital cellular systems use two main competing network technologies: Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). GSM, being an international standard, is better suited for national and international roaming, provided you own a quad-band cell phone (850/900/1800/1900 MHz). On a GSM phone your account information along with your contact list and other personal data are stored on a SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) which is a small chip you can freely remove from your phone. When you get a new mobile device, you can simply insert your SIM card into it and it will work with your current account information and contact list. If you travel to another country, it is also possible to purchase a prepaid SIM card which you can use to avoid roaming fees. To upgrade your phone, you simply swap the SIM card in the back. The chief GSM carriers in the United States are Cingular Wireless, recently merged with AT&T Wireless, and T-Mobile USA. Multimedia messages, video, high-speed Internet access, digital camera and PDA functions can found on both technologies.

A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is a tiny removable chip that fits into the back of your phone that allows phones to be instantly activated, interchanged, swapped out and upgraded, all without carrier intervention. The SIM itself is tied to the network, rather than the actual phone. Phones that are card-enabled can be used with any GSM carrier. CDMA carriers do not use SIM cards. They require proprietary handsets that are linked to one carrier only.

By purchasing a SIM card with minutes and a local number in the country you are visiting, you can make calls against the card to save yourself international roaming charges from your carrier back home.

The KM network will support Blackberry if you are currently with a GSM carrier, once DMTS establishes their roaming arrangements with Rogers.

The KM network supports the GSM EDGE data standard for both SMS text messaging and Internet browser applications.

All mobile calls are billed airtime, for both incoming and outgoing calls.   Airtime is measured in whole minutes - a 10 second, 30 second, or 59 second call will all be billed as a 1 minute call.

Long distance (LD) is determined by the phone's location.

Here are some billing examples:

  • A mobile handset in Keewaywin calling a Keewaywin landline: the mobile handset pays airtime only 5¢/min
  • A Keewaywin landline calling a mobile handset: mobile handset pays airtime only 5¢/min
  • A landline called 1-807-216-xxxx:  Landline pays long distance; and the handset pays air time 5¢/min
  • A landline called the local gateway:   Landline pays nothing; handset pays airtime 5¢/min
  • A DMTS mobile handset located in Keewaywin calls Keewaywin: mobile handset pays airtime only 
  • A Keewaywin mobile handset in Sioux Lookout calling a Keewaywin landline: mobile handset pays airtime and Long Distance - 5¢/min + 10¢/min = 15¢/min
  • A Keewaywin handset in Sioux Lookout calling Keewaywin mobile handset: mobile handset pays airtime only 5¢/min
  • A Keewaywin handset in Sioux Lookout calling Sioux Lookout: mobile handset pays airtime only 5¢/min 
  • A Keewaywin mobile handset in Dryden calling Sioux Lookout: mobile handset pays airtime only 5¢/min

K-Net Mobile Operations Centre

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