The KMobile service in the North will see no immediate impact due to the sale of DMTS...

Here is the information that we are sharing with everyone as questions arise about the future of KO KNet's new cell service in the First Nations...

Background:  For many months now we have been preparing for the sale of DMTS. We are in the process of building a new KMobile cellular network core and will be migrating all KMobile customers to the new network core. This also includes plans to eventually be able to offer roaming of KMobile customers on other carrier networks.

The KMobile service in the North will see no immediate impact due to the sale of DMTS.

Areas of Change:

  • DMTS has announced that beginning Dec 15 they will beginning shutting down their 2G cellular sites over a 2 week period. Those are cellular sites in Dryden, Balmertown, Red Lake, Sioux Lookout, Fort Frances and along those highways.
  • Currently KMobile customers are able to use their cellphones in those areas. Once those cell sites are turned off, KM customers will no longer have service if they happen to be travelling in those areas.

Northern Cellular Contacts:

  • DMTS customers in your community can purchase a KM SIM & KM Prepaid Cards to continue using their phones in the community.
  • DMTS 2G customers will be offered a free 3G phone by TBayTel but this free phone will be locked to TBayTel and will not be able to be used with a KM SIM card.
  • Currently we do not have a roaming agreement with TBayTel, which means TBayTel customers will not be able to use the KMobile cellular system.
  • TBayTel and KMobile are working on developing a roaming agreement so TBayTel 3G phones will work in the community and the KMobile 3G phones will work on the TBayTel Network. (This arrangement will only become operational once all the DMTS network is shut down — scheduled for Dec 29).


  • Therefore, to use the existing First Nation cellular network, DMTS customers will have to continue to use their current unlocked DMTS phone and KMobile SIM card.

We will have an official announcement for KMobile customers as soon as we have all the details worked out with these different networks.

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