K-Net Mobile Rates


Voice Airtime

Voice Airtime
Long Distance

Text Messages

Unlimited SMS Text Messages
(per month)

K-Net Mobile First Nations



K-Net Mobile Roaming





K-Net Mobile First Nations
K-Net Mobile Network in Northern Ontario First Nation.

K-Net Mobile Roaming
TBAYTEL & ROGERS Network in Northern Ontario and Canada.

  • Any Positive Balance K-Net Mobile Network.
  • Free Receiving SMS Text Messages.
  • $30 Plus Balance Roaming TBAYTEL & ROGERS 3G Network.
  • Free Receiving Roaming SMS Text Messages.


K-Net Mobile $12 Monthly Charge


  • Voicemail Service
  • Caller ID
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Cellular Network O&M
  • Web Account Management System
  • K-Net Mobile Customer Support at the K-Net Mobile Sioux Lookout Office.

Monthly Charges applies on SIM Activation Date of each month.


$30 Plus Roaming Balance 3G

$30 Plus means you can roam on the TBaytel and Rogers Network across Northern Ontario and Canada. When you are on the
K-Net Mobile Network in the First Nations community your phone will continue to work without the $30 requirement.


K-Net Mobile Prepaid Voucher

K-Net Mobile prepaid voucher cards are available to purchase be in $10 and $20 denominations. Contact your Community Partner to find out where they can be purchased.


  1. Scratch where indicated to reveal the voucher number.
  2. Dial #TALK (#8255). If you are calling from other than your cellular phone dial (807) 212-4652, you will be requested to enter your mobile phone number and PIN.
  3. Follow the voice prompts to enter voucher number.


K-Net Mobile SIM Card & Number

Once you purchase your unlocked GSM phone you will need to purchase a K-Net Mobile SIM Card from your community
K-Net Mobile Administration Office. The SIM Card provides you with a phone number that allows you access on the K-Net Mobile Network. 


  • If a Prepaid Account Balance remains at zero for 3 months, the phone number becomes invalid.
  • Cell phone must be compatible with the K-Net Mobile GSM network.
  • Voice Mail – Any saved messages will expire after two months.

K-Net Mobile Operations Centre

Sioux Lookout Office:

K-Net Services
P.O. Box 1439, 115 King Street 
Sioux Lookout, Ontario
P8T 1B9
Tel: (807) 737-1135
Toll Free #: 1-877-737-5638
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