18. I can’t add my K-Net Mobile phone to MyAccount?

We recommend you try the following;

  1. Make sure you are entering the complete 10 digit phone number- 1-807-212-xxxx?
  2. Try adding or removing a # symbol to your PIN?
  3. If you are using a Apple Device. You need to click the downward arrow above your keyboard to go to the PIN field.
  4. Did you change your PIN on your phone from the default? Click; http://mobile.knet.ca/change

Your phone may be registered to another myaccount.knet.ca

Contact your KM rep to contact KNET for assistance

K-Net Mobile Operations Centre

Sioux Lookout Office:

K-Net Services
P.O. Box 1439, 115 King Street 
Sioux Lookout, Ontario
P8T 1B9
Tel: (807) 737-1135
Toll Free #: 1-877-737-5638
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